45 Fairytale Villages All Over The World We Want to Visit Right Now


Have you at any point had one of those occasions when you need to get away from your life and vanish into a fantasy world? All things considered, on the off chance that you are irately gesturing at your screen at the present time, at that point you’ll be happy to hear that it is altogether conceivable to do as such.

Investigate this rundown beneath to see exactly what we mean. These towns may look like something out of a storybook, however we guarantee you that all of them is genuine. So next time you are hoping to escape everything, don’t cover up in your room. Scan for your closest dream town and den there instead!

Small town which is in Provence, France

Bibury which is in UK


Rothenberg in Germany


Gasadalur which is in Faroe Islands

Bagnon can be seen in Italy

Mesmerizing Hallstatt in Austria

Herison Black

Manarola in Italy


Gokayama which is in Japan

Cold Hamnoy which is in Norway

inigo cia

Abandoned Fishing Village In Shanghai which is in China

Jane Qing

Renndølsetra, which is in Norway


Eguisheim which is in France

Jean-Claude Sch

Shirakawa which is in Japan


Monemvasia which is in Greece

Mountain Village which is In China

Christian Ortiz

Oia which is in Greece


Village De Penne which is in France


Bled which is in Slovenia

Foroglio which is in Switzerland


Røros which is in Norway

Øystein Engan

La Petite-Pierre which is in France

Pierre Morleghem

Dehang, Hunan which is in China

Yves Andre

Giethoorn which is in Netherlands


Göreme which is in Turkey


Valldal which is in  Norway


Colmar which is in France

Gasadalur which is in Faroe Islands

Peles Castle which is in Sinaia Romania


Stráž – Vrbice which is in Czech Republic

Reine which is in Norway

Portmerion which is in  North Wales One Of The Most Beautiful And Quirky Town, Worth Seeing!

Sighisoara Medieval Citadel which is in Romania


Alberobello which is in Italy

Suzdal which is in Russia

Elena Shumilova

Grožnjan which is in Croatia

Fenghuang County which is in China

Yves Andre

Èze which is in France

Riomaggiore which is in Italy


Zermatt which is in Switzerland

Aldeias Do Xisto which is in Portugal


Mont Saint-michel which is in  France


The Beautiful City Of York in USA


Čičman which is in  Slovakia

Burano, Venice in Italy

Asos, Kefalonia in Greece

By: Shehani Wijayawardena