7 Things How to Deal With a Breakup


By: Liomie Kurera

No one can predict what happens in life. Sometime life gives us sweetest experiences and also sometimes biggest collapses. In life, the most traumatic thing is losing things we adore.

When it comes to love, the situation is worst. It is one of the toughest situations one faces in lifetime. People get really low and frustrated after a break up and it is important to be aware of what can be done to deal with the loss.

1. Share Your Sorrow With Someone.

There are no words to explain that pain and the missing feeling after a break up, but talking to someone understanding is the best way to release pain. Be open to someone that you can be comfortable with. This conversation can be filled with lot of emotions, memories and tears, but at the end it’s all about getting relieved. The most important thing is the listener should be soothing and understanding instead of being annoyed of what you say. And especially he/she should be someone who can listen to you without judging you. Feel free to let everything out even though you burst into tears.

2. Never Under Estimate Yourself.

It’s all your mind which can drag you down or make you stand on your feet. So it’s important not to underestimate yourself. Just because one person gives up on you doesn’t mean you’re worthless to all the other people around you and when that one person leaves, that doesn’t mean your life has no value or meaning anymore. It’s just a great loss which is bit hard to bear up.

3. Ignore What Others Think.

Never get offended by the things other people say about the break up. Your ex might be spreading rumours and lies about you and some people out there may be cursing you, but never spend a single second worrying about other people’s opinions about this cause no one understands what you’ve gone through and you’re not supposed to live a life pleasing everyone.

4. Remove Memorials.

Another important thing is removing pictures and all the other memorials. Don’t keep anything which distract your intension and remind about your past. Remove all photos, presents and conversations in social media. Just keep everything out of your eye sight. That way it will stop making you remember about it unnecessarily.

5. Keep Yourself Occupied.

Overthinking makes the situation worst and may cause stress, insomnia, panic attacks and finally you may end up depressed. So it is important to avoid overthinking. Remember keeping yourself will make a change. Do something productive instead of worrying about the past that has all gone. Try new fashions and make yourself beautiful, not to impress anyone but for your self-satisfaction. Start to have goals and if you already have, think of ways to achieve them. Whenever you come across flashbacks try to think of new ways to improve your own self rather than weeping over a destructive past.

6. Don’t Post In Social Media.

A huge mistake people make after a break up is posting about it in social media. Never let anyone know about it via social media. That doesn’t mean you should hide it from everyone. It’s actually impossible. Let the close friends get to know about it by yourself. Weeping over social media doesn’t make any change to satisfaction. It only gives people another hot gossip to talk about. It may provoke some people to ask you out again since they acknowledge you’re single now and that increases the stress you have since you have to convince them you’re not ready for another relationship.

7. Think About People Who Care.

For some people it is bit harder than usual to bear up this pain. Hence there is a possibility of having suicidal feelings for some people. If you ever feel like to commit suicide, keep it in mind you’re going to give so much pain to people who care about you because of one person who doesn’t deserve you.

The best thing to do is make few people who care, aware about the situation and contact one of them whenever you’re having a bad feeling. This will last maximum two months if you really want to get it over and if you try your best. You won’t be able to forget everything and live like you died and born again. But you’ll be able to come to a place where all those memories become nothing to worry about.

It’s true that it’s not easy to let go of everything and be alright when someone asks you to do. But you’re meant to be happy instead of worrying over something useless. You’re supposed to have a great future with right people. So it’s important to get over your past and move forward. It’s not impossible.